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The Miracles of Jesus - Lent 2020

  • February 26: Jesus Calms the Storm (Ash Wednesday)

  • March 1: Jesus Changes Water to Wine (Lent 1)

  • March 8: The Great Haul of Fishes (Lent 2)


  • March 15: Jesus Casts Out an Unclean Spirit


  • March 22: Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind


  • March 29: Jesus Raised the Widow’s Son from the Dead

The Good Place: A Series on What Comes Next

  • February 2: The Good Place: Heaven

  • February 9: The Good Place: Hell

  • February 16: The Good Place: How Do We Get There?

  • February 23: The Good Place: Eternity Started Yesterday

Who We Are, What We Do, and Why (Social Holiness)

  • January 5: Sanctuary, It’s a Matter of Faith

  • January 12: Resisting Evil, Injustice, and Oppression in Whatever Forms They Present Themselves (recording only of the Pastoral Prayer)

  • January 19: Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters

  • January 26: Just as You Did it to One of the Least of These, You Did it to Me


The Conners: A Series on Class, Money, Faith, and Empathy

Jan. 6: Empathy: Walking in Someone Else's Shoes - Rev. Nathan Adams

Jan. 13: Different Doesn't Equal Wrong or Enemy - Rev. Ben David Hensley

Jan. 20: More Alike than we Care to Admit - Rev. Angie Kotmoyer

Jan. 27: When Does Culture Become our Own? - Rev. Nathan Adams

Park Hill UMC and Temple Micah Joint Service 2019

October 13: Welcoming our Sukkah Guests and Cloud of Witnesses

The Tension that is Pride Celebration

June 17: The Tension that is Pride Celebration - Rev. Lauren Chance-Boyd and Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer

Women Leading The Way

June 24: Rahab, the Woman Who Risked Her Life - Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer

July 1: Tamar, the Woman with No Choice - Rev. Morgan Fletcher

July 8: Ruth, an Inspiring Woman of Faith - Rev. Nathan Adams

July 15: Mary, the Mother of the Son - Rev. Nathan Adams

July 22: Bathsheba, the Woman with No Voice - Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer


Exploring the Intersection of Race, Faith, and Life.

Park Hill UMC has a rich history of being a multi-racial congregation where all people are welcome. We continue this tradition with our Black-ish sermon series, that’ll use the hit television show to guide our conversation. We cover such topics as identity, privilege, anger, the words we use and how we might move forward together.


Text: Isaiah 52:1-12

Title: Joyful and Beautiful Feet

Theme: As Christians, it is an honor and privilege to share and live out the Good News of Jesus. How beautiful are your feet?

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