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The Miracle of Christmas: Be A Miracle

  • Nov. 25: The Miracle of Good News - Rev. Nathan Adams

  • Dec. 2: The Miracle of Hospitality - Rev. Nathan Adams

  • Dec. 9: Children's Christmas Cantata

  • Dec. 16: The Miracle of Giving - Rev. Nathan Adams

  • Dec. 23: The Miracle of Christmas - Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer


Shiney Gods (based on the book by Mike Slaughter)

Oct. 28: Naming Our Idols - Rev. Nathan Adams

Nov. 4: Be Faithful, Save, and Give - Daryl J. Walker

Nov. 11: Money, Work, and Debt - Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer

Nov. 18: Heart Giving - Rev. Nathan Adams

God's Strategies?!?!

Oct. 14: God's Strategies?!?! - Rev. Dr. Jim Calhoun

Park Hill UMC and Temple Micah Joint Service

Oct. 21: Called and Sent - Rabbi Adam Morris, Rev. Nathan Adams, and Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer

Navigating the Hard Parts of Life

Sept 9: Sin and Evil - Rev. Nathan Adams

Sept. 16: Overcoming Violence - Rev. Nathan Adams

Sept. 23: Change Is Hard: Growth Can Come From Greiving - Rev. Nathan and Rev. Angie

Sept. 30: Death: A Natural Part of Life - Rev. Nathan Adams

Oct. 7: New Life and Resurrection: A People of Light - Rev. Nathan Adams

Better Is One Day

Sept 2: Better is One Day in Your Courts - Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer

It's easy to get drained with all o fthe negativity and suffering in the media and in our world, how do we stay positive and committee to our faith? God can make all the difference.

Millennial Movie Madness

July 29: Jumanji: Valuing Life Now - Rev. Nathan Adams

August 5: Tomb Raider: Finding God - Rev. Nathan Adams

August 12: Oceans 8: Getting the Right People in Your Life - Rev. Nathan Adams

August 19: Incredibles 2: Family Legacy - Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer

August 26: Jurrassic World: What's Your Impact - Rev. Nathan Adams

Women Leading The Way

June 24: Rahab, the Woman Who Risked Her Life - Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer

July 1: Tamar, the Woman with No Choice - Rev. Morgan Fletcher

July 8: Ruth, an Inspiring Woman of Faith - Rev. Nathan Adams

July 15: Mary, the Mother of the Son - Rev. Nathan Adams

July 22: Bathsheba, the Woman with No Voice - Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer

The Tension that is Pride Celebration

June 17: The Tension that is Pride Celebration - Rev. Lauren Chance-Boyd and Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer

Justice Together

June 10: Justice Together - Sharon Bridgeforth and Mike Kromrey from Together Colorado

United Methodism 101:

What's All This About? 

May 6: Grace for and with All - Rev. Nathan Adams

May 13: Yes, A Personal Relationship - Rev. Nathan Adams

May 20: More than Just the Individual - Rev. Nathan Adams

May 27: Doing Theology: A Stool, Geometry, and Controversy - Rev. Nathan Adams

June 3: Connected to One Another - Rev. Nathan Adams

A Look at Romans and Sharing Our Faith

April 8: The Power of the Gospel - Rev. Nathan Adams

April 15: Are There Rules To The Christian Faith - Rev. Nathan Adams

April 29: A Look At Paul Through The Eyes of John Wesley - Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer


April 1, 2018 foolin'

Text: Acts 10:34-43

Title: Good Guys (and Gals) Don’t Finish Last

Theme: Because Jesus is Alive conquering death

once and all, we have hope that indeed we are

forgiven people invited to live fully  now and forever.


February 18 - March 18

Ever feel like you don’t quite measure up, dissapoint God, or have lots of questions about your relationship with God. You’re not alone. So did many of the people surrounding Jesus. Listen to our Villains of Lent: Exploring the “Bad Guys” in the Lenten Story sermon series as we discuss important topics like fear, doubt, pain and how God’s love shines, despite them all.


Exploring the Intersection of Race, Faith, and Life.

Park Hill UMC has a rich history of being a multi-racial congregation where all people are welcome. We continue this tradition with our Black-ish sermon series, that’ll use the hit television show to guide our conversation. We cover such topics as identity, privilege, anger, the words we use and how we might move forward together.


Text: Isaiah 52:1-12

Title: Joyful and Beautiful Feet

Theme: As Christians, it is an honor and privilege to share and live out the Good News of Jesus. How beautiful are your feet?


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