Children and Youth Ministries

Children (K-5th)

Weekly, 10:30ish-11:15ish, during the Sermon, in our classroom upstairs.

We base our curriculum stories on the Shine On Story Bible, Godly Play Curriculum and Uncoventional Saints and Holy Troublemakers Book.

Ongoing questions we come back to throughout the year:

Do you see any of yourself in this story?

Where do you see God in this story?

Is there any part of the story that you think is missing?

Is there any part of the story that could be left out and there'd still be enough?

Youth (6th-12th)

Weekly, 10:30ish-11:15ish, during the Sermon, in our upstairs Youth Room.

.  Jan. 8, we started Confirmation. Any youth is invited to join the Confirmation conversations this winter through March, regardless of whether they signed up for Confirmation.

Here are some of the ongoing questions we wrestle with:

Who are you? (Identity and ongoing Existential Quest)

Who/What is God? (Who/What orients your life?)

Is there transformation amidst tragedy?

Is there hope in the end?


Additionally, we'll explore how religions, and the United Methodist Church wrestles with Belonging (community and relationships), Beliefs (values), and Behaviors (habits and rituals).


We are so glad to have you and your family join us.  Below is our yearly registration form for each child/student. 


We can use volunteers of all ages and background.  Please contact our Director, Tory Doerksen, at

You can volunteer for a specific event, role, age group and/or season.  Common volunteer roles include:

  • monthly Sunday School teachers
  • retreat Sponsor (adult "chaperone") starting after January 2022
  • Pumpkin Patch helper each October


Tory Doerksen - Children and Youth Ministries

"Family life in urban Denver can be a scheduling nightmare, let alone having an intentional spirituality as individuals and as a family.  My dream is for each family and individual to be resourced for the season(s) of life they find themselves in.  These seasons can last for years or weeks, and Park Hill UMC will continue to work towards spirituality that is meaningful, enjoyable and doable.  If there's anything we can do as a church or staff to encourage your family's spirituality, contact us and we'll work together!  I believe we can have long term goals and plans, while also adjusting seasonally in significant and small ways along our journey!  Let's work together and make the most of the moments we have together as families and as a church of children of all ages."

Safe Sanctuary Policy

As a congregation, we are intentionally practicing habits to keep each other safe, and to promote safe habits and situations for our children, youth and adults.  Each activity and class should have at least one adult who has been trained in our policy, and has gone through a background check.  Paper copies are also available by our children and youth classrooms.

Below are some of our standard practices:

  • Sunday School rooms have window(s) and/or open door(s) whenever they are being used.

  • Two adults present for any non-Sunday morning gathering/event.

  • Youth Leaders/Sponsors/Chaperones should never drive a single youth alone.  Parents are encouraged to plan transportation that ideally involves 2 youth and 2 adults whenever possible, and to be clear on passengers/driver ahead of time.

  • All volunteers are encouraged to go through a Child Protection Training, and all primary teachers and volunteers are required to do so.

  • There are clear steps for reporting any troubling situations to church leadership and authorities in our Safe Sanctuary Policy, which is always downloadable on this webpage (click on the "Safe Sanctuary Policy" button above).

  • If there are additional steps and practices we can take as a community to keep all of our children and adults safe, please contact Director Tory Doerksen, either Pastor, or Church Council anytime!