Immigration is one of the five focus areas of our Missions & Social Justice Committee. 

Update on Araceli and Jorege and Their Current Needs

Jorge and Araceli lived in sanctuary in the basement of our Church/Temple Micah building for 17 months, beginning in August 2017.  In May 2019, a judge allowed Araceli to go back to her house in south Denver pending a decision on her revised application for asylum. 

In November 2019, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office notified Araceli’s attorney that they had denied her application on technical grounds and she was given a short time to leave or be deported.  Her attorney let her know that they were out of options, so Araceli decided to go back to El Salvador with the boys in December 2019. Jorge stayed in Denver to keep working and supporting the family while their attorney looked for more options. 

In 2020, Jorge was approved for a Green Card under the Family Reunification program, sponsored by his daughter, Yailín, in California!  After 26 years, he could finally travel.   So in December 2020, after one year of separation, Jorge went back to El Salvador to visit Araceli and the boys.  When he returned to Denver in January 2021, his attorney told him that she had reconsidered Araceli’s case and she urged him to bring the two oldest boys back to Denver.  She felt that this would strengthen Araceli’s application for a Green Card under the family reunification program (the boys need their mother . . .).  So two weeks later, Jorge put another $1,800 on his credit card and he returned to El Salvador for a few days and brought the boys, Jorge and Christopher, back to Denver.  They are now in the bilingual school across the street from Jorge and Araceli’s house in south Denver.  They are doing OK, but they miss their mom terribly. Jorge’s aunt is taking care of the boys after school and is eating some of her meals at Jorge’s house.

Jorge and Araceli’s legal bills over the last few years have been more than $20,000.  Some of which was paid by Jorge; some was paid by our church fundraisers, and some was paid by the Denver Sanctuary Coalition.  But he still owes over $10,000.  He is meticulous about paying $200 per month and his attorney is very understanding and supportive about it.  Other expenses are his car loan, utilities, food, gas, and miscellaneous.  All of this totals about $3,600 per month in cost, therefore, Jorge is incurring a deficit of about $300 per month, every month, which he is covering with small loans, mostly from credit cards.    

Finally, Jorge has about $6,000 in credit card debt, increased recently by $1,000 to go to El Salvador over Christmas and $1,800 to go back and bring the two boys in February 2021, as requested by his attorney.    He pays about $1,200 per year in interest on this debt.

How you can help our Sanctuary family:

  1. Contribute to this one-time fundraiser-to help Jorge pay down the credit card debt.  $3,000 to $6,000 goal.  Make checks out to Robert T. Sample and mail or deliver to Bob at the address below.  Bob will collect your donations and send you a thank you note.  Be sure to put “Jorge Fundraiser” in the item line of your check.
  2. Contribute King Soopers gift cards- $400 per month goal.  Jorge will use them for food and other necessities.  Make sure to put your name and the amount on the gift cards, any amount from $25 to $400.  Bob will assign your gift cards to the next month that does not have $400 accumulated.  

Robert T. Sample
2268 Birch Street
Denver, CO 80207


Bob will collect donations and put them together and take Jorge the gift cards and the one-time donations once each month.

Donations are not tax deductible.  Bob will try to send an acknowledging email to all donors.  Please include your email address if you an acknowledgement and thank you note.

We can reassess the need and effectiveness and any plans to continue this program in November or December.

Thank you for all your past support of our Sanctuary Family.

An Opportunity to Serve from our Friends at the Denver Rescue Mission

Our refugee mentoring program works in partnership with Lutheran Family Services (LFS) and we’re constantly looking for volunteers.  Volunteers will be placed in a mentor team (2- 4 people) that will be paired with a refugee family who has been resettled in Colorado.  This is a great opportunity for church volunteers to welcome refugee families and help them acclimate to their new community while building friendship and learning more about their culture and country of origin. You can also visit for more information about our Family Refugee Services program. Contact Rebecca Robins at for more information.

Sanctuary Church

Park Hill United Methodist Church and Temple Micah are proud to announce that we are a Sanctuary Church and will provide sanctuary for our undocumented friends in need. Many volunteers provide support for our Sanctuary family, although continued support is needed from our communities and friends. 

Casa De Paz

Casa de Paz continues to support immigrant families with members who are in detention at the GEO Center in Aurora. When more than 20 people were released late last month, Casa de Paz and their volunteers were there to pick them up, provide them with basic supplies and help them reunite with their families. Head to their website to find out how you can help during the pandemic.